After reading a lot of references on this subject I can mention the most important definitions that I read and will comment on that “Zoning maps are maps that are included in the provisions of the Zoning Resolution to indicate the location and boundaries of zoning districts. us to choose the right decisions and solve problems because it contains a comprehensive database” ([1]).

“Land Use is a map in which different colors are used to denote land-use classifications, such as farmland, hardwood forests, or urban areas.” ([2])

2-My comment:

Zoning Map: the map; divided of areas give us a general indication of the comprehensive information of the districts. This map based on the description of the natural features and human characteristics such as forests, high population density areas, low population density area, and the water area including with laws such as building heights, building regulations, uses prevailing in the district. So it is a map showing the border between the districts and the terms and standards of each districts such as building regulations and the quality of buildings that should be held in that area.

Land use maps: Show us the details of specific uses for each land within a neighborhood. This map showing the human use to which land is put. Examples, shopping centers, religious use, tree nurseries, state parks, residential use, commercial use, and so on.


Zoning Map Land use maps
Explain to us the differences between districts and borders. Explain to us the various activities between the lands within a district.
Describe the natural features and characteristics of the population in the area. Describe the activity on the land, such as residential, commercial, and industrial.
Include laws and regulations specific to each district. Specify the type of activity of land individually.



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